Pocket is a plugin for the Sneeze nose plugin. It adds all messages passed through normal usage of Python’s logging module to the data recorded in the database.

Installation and Quickstart

Installing pocket (pip install sneeze-pocket) will enable it for all nosetests runs where Sneeze is enabled.


Pocket works by attaching a handler to the root logger. This handler writes all handled messages to the database. You can control the volume of messages with standard logging module mechanisms like log levels and other filters. Note that you may run in to some problems dispatching log messages from within Sneeze plugins.

Pocket attaches messages to the Case Execution record. It batches writes to increase performance. Messages are written to the DB when there are --pocket-batch-size messages queued, when it has been --pocket-batch-frequency seconds since messages were written to the DB, or when a case is exited, whichever happens first. While writes are batched, the time a message was created is recorded when the message is handled, so will still be an accurate reference to when the activity that triggered the message occurred.

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